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Our Vision

Coalesix’s revolutionary Mobius Candidate Design Environment (CDE) offers drug discovery organizations the ability to maximize the return on all of their Lead Optimization efforts and resources while at the same time helping overcome the lead-to-candidate bottleneck.

The Mobius CDE fosters interactions between computational and medicinal chemistry to produce a novel approach to address the challenges of Lead Optimization in order to enable faster identification of more potential drug candidates.

The insight and experience of medicinal chemists provides direction for the application of existing computational methods and algorithms through an initial set of design priorities. These priorities balance between biological potency and properties pertinent to a successful drug candidate. Mobius provides the foundation for the generation and evaluation of relevant ideas, taking into account the priorities of the medicinal chemist.

Structures generated by Mobius are presented to the scientist for evaluation and feedback. This enables human input on objectives that are not readily quantifiable such as synthetic tractability. The scientist’s feedback may reinforce or change the direction in which Mobius is moving or change the design priorities. Mobius continues to navigate the vast space of potential chemical structures, incorporating the expert medicinal chemistry input, and generating significant data that is available for detailed analysis. The process continues until structures of sufficient potential interest for synthesis are identified.

The Coalesix environment is non-intrusive and flexible enough so that it can be quickly and easily implemented within existing software and hardware platforms.

Mobius. Optimizing intuition. Inspiring new ideas. Delivering more, better drug candidates. Faster!


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